Course Requirements

Our students are required to have successfully completed the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) online boat safety course, based on the state in which their boat is registered. Each student must provide her/his Boat Safety Card ID Number upon course registration.

Click on the BoatUS Foundation link above to be directed to a free online course specific to the state in which you boat.

No prior boating experience required.

Course Schedule

Each of the four course modules is approximately three (3) hours long, but time length may vary slightly depending on the age and boating experience of the student.

Vessel Requirements

We prefer to teach students on their own boats allowing them to learn on the vessel on which they will be boating. This allows the student to get a feel for their boat’s maneuverability and throttle reactions. There can be a vast difference in how various boats handle and the pressure needed to safely adjust the throttle. This is why it is ideal to learn on the boat each student will be mainly driving.

A center console boat under 26’ is preferred.


*This course can only be taught by an NSBC Certified Instructor.

* Students qualify for a certificate of completion after demonstrating the skills in each course.

*This is NOT a certification program.