Thank you @nautiacademy Kelli and Jen for sharing your knowledge with us! Love seeing women reinvent and succeed in business. Jen and Kelli offer courses on safe boating and will even come out and teach you or your family on your own boat. #businesswoman #annapolismd #boatinglife #smallbusiness

Mona D

The lessons were exactly what I was looking for, and I learned a lot. Capts. Kelli and Jen provided good, practical instructions on docking and responding to common congested harbor and open water situations, and were great (and fun) coaches in helping to reinforce my confidence and build familiarity with my boating skills.

Ron M.

Nauti Boat Academy is where to go if you want to learn real, practical skills to keep you and your passengers safe on the water. 

Captains Jenifer and Kelli are friendly and very knowledgeable. They made the classes fun and stress free. The training I received allowed me to buy my first boat with confidence, and my passengers are confident with my boating abilities. I believe in safety first, and I highly recommend Nauti Boat Academy!

Scott B.

First of all I wanna say Thank You again to Captain Jen & Captain Kelli for the On the Water training! Especially to Captain Jen! It was very informative and Fun! Very educational & exciting! My favorite Captains forever!!


Thank you so much for the wonderful time on the boat. You were always so fun and kind to me. I will never forget all those fun times we had. Thank you for the fun things you taught me. I really enjoyed the time I had with you and all your sayings and storys.

Sophia K. (Jr. Captain)

Miss Jen, you are by far my favorite captain I have worked with! The things you say and how you roll is so fun. Keep doing what you are doing.

  Taryn (Jr Captain Level 2)

Nauti Boat Academy was a great experience! Captains Jen and Kelli kept everyone calm, cool, and collected while gaining invaluable knowledge and confidence at the wheel.

Evelyn C.

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