Module 1: Introduction to Power-boating is a three hour course including both at-the-pier and on-water training. The following are some of the skills you will master during the Introduction to Power-boating course.

  • Pre-departure and Safety Check
  • Proper Lookout
  • Starting the Engine/Engine Stop
  • Centering the wheel
  • Shifting Gears and Throttle Control
  • Steering Straight at Idle Speed
  • Boater’s Eye
  • Standard Stop
  • Urgency Stop
  • Understanding Weathervane Effect
  • Ferrying Using the Wind: Stern-to-Wind & Bow-to-Wind
  • Ferrying Using the Current: Bow-to-Current
  • Holding Station Using Wind
  • Holding Station Using Current
  • Return or Leaving Dock/Slip/Mooring/Ramp/Shoreline
  • Secure the Boat

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